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ITF 14 Barcode Symbol Specifications

The ITF 14 symbol is used for trade items not passing the point of sale and is ideal for use where the symbol is to be pre-printed onto corrugated fibreboard.

Below are the target dimensions for a printed ITF 14 Symbol.

ITF 14 Symbol Specifications for Printing

  • Min. size (50%): 71.40 mm x 12.70 mm
  • Max. size (100%): 142.75 mm x 32.00 mm
  • Nominal dimensions: 142.75 mm x 32.00 mm
  • X dimension of the narrow bar at nominal size: 1.016 mm
  • X dimension of the wide bar at nominal size: 2.540 mm
  • Magnification Factor: 50% to 100% of nominal dimensions
  • Light Margins: Left 10.2, Right 10.2 or 10x
  • Min. Bar Height: 32mm
  • Target Location: No closer than 19mm from a vertical edge

An ITF 14 symbol has seven character pairs, a target wide - to-narrow ration of 2:5:1, a target X width of 1.016 mm and quiet zones of 10.2 mm. This corresponds to a total symbol width of 142.748 mm.

ITF 14 Symbol for fixed weight goods with a "0" start digit.ITF 14 Prefix 0

ITF 14 Symbol for variable weight goods with a leading "9" prefix.

ITF 14 Prefix 9


When printing directly onto fibreboard cases use 100% size symbols which have an X dimension of 1.016. Clear light margins should be provided on the left and right of the symbol. The bar codes must be upright, in picket fence orientation, so that the bars are vertical. Only use ITF14 symbols smaller than 62.5% when printing onto labels or high quality substrates. The performance of these bar codes should be verified. The heavy outer bar should always be printed when printing on fibreboard. If printing onto a label, it is only necessary to print the upper and lower bars to a width of 1mm.