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Express Guide to GS1 Product Barcode Symbols for Retail in Ireland

How to create a barcode symbol for a retail product that can be used in Ireland and globally.

Our Express Guide to GS1 barcodes provides an introduction to using GS1-standard barcodes for products or outer cases. It deals with a number of frequently asked questions, and is ideal for someone getting to grips with barcoding.

Guide to GS1 Product Barcode Numbers and SymbolsGetting Started with Barcoding

  • What is a barcode?

  • Which barcode symbol should I use for checkout scanning?

  • Which barcode should I use for transport and warehousing?

  • Do my barcodes need to be a particular size?

  • How do I know if my barcode will scan?

  • What colour should a barcode be?

  • Where should I put my barcode?

To find the answers to these questions and more besides, download a copy of the Express Guide to Retail Barcodes.