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About Picture It!

Capture, edit and publish your product images with the GS1 Picture It! app

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Launching September 2023: the GS1 Picture It! app for your mobile phone.

Quickly and easily remove the background from your product photos; upload to the matching product profile in Barcode Manager and then publish to the GS1 Global Registry.

Contact the Membership Services team to enquire about Picture It! now ahead of its launch. Download brochure.

About Picture It!

GS1 Picture It! is a phone application for brand owners and product managers to easily take pictures, remove the background and to crop/edit pictures of their products before uploading them to their Barcode Manager account for publication to the GS1 Registry Platform.



To use and run the app you will need:

  • an Apple or Android device (phone or tablet) with a camera
  • the app is available from your device's app store
  • an active Barcode Manager account (and login details)
  • an active GS1 Ireland-issued barcode prefix (GCP)
Account Help

If you are unsure about the status of your GS1 Global Company Prefix (GCP) for barcode allocation or wish to check access to your Barcode Manager account, please contact Membership Services.

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