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The GS1 Ireland Blog and Industry News Updates

A very warm welcome to the GS1 Ireland blog with posts on the latest innovations, reports, projects and case studies from across the Retail Grocery, Healthcare, Construction and other sectors. We look forward to having a range of guest posts too, so if you have a story that would interest the GS1 community please get in touch by dropping us a note to

Member News and Success Stories

A quick round-up of all the news from our GS1 Ireland members this week including three Distilleries and many new Christmas ranges.

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In order to automate the reading process, the SSCC is most often encoded in a barcode symbol known as a GS1-128. An SSCC can also be encoded in other symbols such as GS1 DataMatrix barcode or an Electronic Product Code (EPC®)–enabled Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag.

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Our Gold Partner TrueCommerce has collated some of the key eCommerce and online marketplace statistics from the last 12 months that are worth considering.

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In EDI terms, a GS1 Global Location Number is a globally unique number used to identify your company, as a legal entity, for the purpose of sending and receiving electronic business messages such as orders and invoices.

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“Going paperless” is no longer just a trend; bullet point on organisation’s sustainability plan or sticker on young millennial’s recycled backpack (yes, it’s a thing). Reduction of paper waste and bad practices associated with handling important documents in hard-copies is becoming a necessity.

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Lean and Green Sustainability Programme

14 August 2020

Lean & Green is a not-for-profit, 5-star award programme developed by the Connekt Foundation in the Netherlands.

The goal of the programme is to recognise and reward participating organisations for demonstrating verified reductions in CO2 emissions.

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Standards Spotlight Episode 2: GTINs

Is a GTIN just a bunch of random numbers? What size should a barcode symbol be? Find out more in episode 2 in our Standards Spotlight series.

Owner Operators need Digital Building Information

The Construction Industry is going through a major shift that will require Property Owners and Facilities Management (FM) Operators to look at, define and implement Digital Building Information Management strategies.

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Word 'News' on die

A quick round-up of all the news from our GS1 Ireland members this week including Waterford Whiskey and Maud's Ice Cream.

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