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Verified by GS1 - a global solution to verify product identity

Trust and efficiency start with a valid ID.

Get product identity right with Verified by GS1

Verified by GS1 is a global solution that will enable GS1 members to verify the identity of a product by querying the GS1 Registry Platform.

A simple solution for GS1 Ireland members

From the 19th October 2020, Barcode Manager allows GS1 Ireland members to opt-in & automatically share their product data to Verified by GS1. By ensuring the highest quality product data in Barcode Manager, including a unique barcode number and a core set of product attributes, you gain greater control of your basic product data and get your products to market faster and trade more efficiently.

All eligible products listed on Barcode Manager will have their data automatically shared for validation by Verified by GS1 on 18th December.

Find out more about data quality & sharing data with Verified by GS1.

A cross-industry initiative

The Verified by GS1 service is currently being rolled out in a number of countries, with support of a number of multinational brand owners and retailers.

We are working to bring the GS1 Registry and Verified by GS1 services to life here in Ireland. Click the button below to register your email to receive updates on the service as it rolls out in Ireland. 

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Building trust and efficiency

Verified by GS1 builds trust between retailers, brand owners and consumers leading to more sales, fewer returns and fewer counterfeit products. The ultimate benefit is greater efficiency because the information in retailer catalogues is based on correct product identity.

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