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Barcodes Made EasyWelcome to GS1. We're here to help you get your products #RetailReady

We're here to provide you with the barcodes you need to get your products Retail Ready and onto store shelves. If you are new to GS1 and barcoding, you can use this page as a quick orientation guide that explains the exact steps you need to follow to get your business and products barcodes for your products and outer cases.

Here we summarise the key things you need to know, with links to further information all on one handy reference page. You can refer back to this page as often as you like to access the different resources and tools.

Your Barcodes Made Easy Guide

We've also outlined the steps in a short leaflet which you can download and use as a reference.

What do you need to barcode a product for retail in Ireland?

  1. Barcode prefixA barcode number
  2. A barcode symbol

Barcode numbers are created by brand owners for their products using a GS1-issued prefix. It is from this prefix that barcode numbers are allocated to products & outer cases. Once you have a complete barcode number you can generate the matching barcode symbol. 

What will you need to join GS1 for barcodes?

1. Registration

GS1 is a membership organisation. To get your barcodes, you need to be a member. This requires payment of a once-off registration fee. If you have questions about GS1 licenced barcodes check out our Frequently Asked Questions or simply give us a call on +35312080660 and we'd be happy to explain anything you might need further information on.

View new member registration fees

2. A barcode licence

To create barcodes, you need an exclusive range of barcode numbers for your company. This is granted by an annually renewable licence. There are different licences depending upon the size of your product range, now and into the future.

licence cert 250pxWhich size licence is right for me?

This is the most common licence for a 9 digit prefix. This prefix enables up to 1,000 barcode numbers to be generated for products and outer cases.

GCP-11: This licence is for niche and artisan producers only, who are unlikely to ever need any more than 10 - 20 barcodes to identify both products and outer cases. Each GCP-11 licence will provide you with 10 numbers. For more than 20 barcodes (i.e. 2 x GCP-11 licences) over the life of a business, a GCP-9 licence is more economical. Remember, outer cases need their own unique barcodes too.

View the full table of licence fees by company size.

Note: Barcode licences cannot be subsequently exchanged or upgraded as the need arises as each licence is for a bank of specific numbers. If you run out of barcode numbers, a further license will be required at an additional annual cost.

View barcode licence costs

Got a question?

Our helpdesk staff will be more than happy to assist you with any queries about barcodes that you may have. Simply email or call us for assistance.

Tel +353 1 208 0660


What will you need to complete your GS1 registration?

register online 250pxA number of pieces of information are required to complete registration. We recommend you have this information to hand before you start in order to make the application process as quick and as straight forward as possible.

  • Company information (name and address)
  • Companies Registration Office (CRO) Number or Registered Business Name (RBN) Number
  • VAT Number (or PPS number if not VAT registered)
  • Latest audited turnover figure (or first year's projected turnover if a new start-up business)
  • Bank Details for Direct Debit
  • Contact details for primary licence contact and accounts person (name, tel, email)

Online registration

Registration is completed online on this website at

Fee payment

Fees for GS1 registration and for barcode licences are based on turnover bands (or estimated first year’s turnover if your business has yet to publish accounts).

Payment – The first year’s licence & registration fee can be paid by credit card, bank transfer (EFT) or cheque. Please allow for 2 - 3 days for your EFT or cheque payment to reach us.

Direct Debit - A direct debit must be established to facilitate the annual renewal of barcode licences. This is a mandatory part of registration. Please note the first year’s licence and registration fees are not collected by direct debit. Direct debit details are completed online during the application process. If you need to submit an application form by post or fax you can download a direct debit mandate here.

allocate barcodes 250pxWhat happens after I register?

Once we receive your completed online registration and received payment we will process your application for membership and issue you with your own unique prefix to use for allocating barcodes. Your next step will be to log on to our Barcode Manager tool to begin allocating barcode numbers to your products. You will receive details by email about using Barcode Manager with you licence details. A free training webinar is available to all members to help you get started. 

Eager to get learn more?

Watch our introductory video: How are barcodes created?

This free training video will introduce you to the basics of GS1 barcodes and what’s involved in getting your product set up and ready to sell in stores and online. Simply click the button below to register for instant free access.

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