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Need a barcode? We can help

To sell your products instore or online most retailer partners require products to have Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) - the unique identification numbers seen below most barcode symbols.

GTIN Structure

GTIN codes (also called EAN, UPC and GS1 codes) are GS1 managed standardised identification numbers. They are used to safely encode information such as product identification numbers. GS1 barcodes and GTINs are necessary for most traditional retailers and supermarkets as well as online retail platforms including Amazon, eBay & Google.

When you buy a GTIN you'll receive a unique company ID and become a member of GS1 Ireland. This ID is called a Global Company Prefix (GCP).

You can then access our Barcode Manager service to create unique barcode numbers and symbols.

Refer to our Terms & Conditions before proceeding.

Takes 10 Minutes

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Get barcodes and GTINs

When you join GS1 Ireland, you get unique identification numbers and barcodes to identify your products, locations, documents and more.

We are trusted by over 3,600 Irish businesses to encode information and to enable the automatic identification and tracking of products.

Why get your barcode numbers from GS1 Ireland

How to buy a barcode from GS1

The first step to creating your barcode GTINs and symbols is to get a GS1 Ireland Global Company Licence (GCP). This is unique to your company and is a key part of every barcode and GTIN your business creates.

1. Join GS1 Ireland2. Create Your Account3. Create Your Codes
Become a member of GS1 Ireland and receive your unique company prefix. You pay an annual licence fee.Add your company details to your account, and chose the licence type that suits your business size and your product range.

Generate, store and share your barcodes with our Barcode Manager tool.

Building your barcodes

When you receive your GS1 Company Prefix, you can log in to our member portal which as a range of tools and services to help your manage your product information and to help your business grow.

You can easily generate and assign GS1 Ireland numbers and barcode symbols from our Barcode Manager tool. Your product data is also published to our trusted global registry - Verified by GS1.

This helps retailers, e-commerce marketplaces and consumers quickly and easily verify the identity and details of your products.

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The benefits of joining GS1 Ireland

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Trusted, and reliable codes Local Human Support & Learning A Global Network For Global Trade Securely Manage Your Codes Online

"‘the fact that it is all online is great, when you have your own business, your time is very limited, the fact that you can just log in, get your barcodes and away you go is very attractive"

Kylie Magner

Kylie Magner, Magners Farm

More about GS1 Ireland membership

How much does it cost to Join GS1 Ireland?

There are different GS1 Ireland membership licences depending upon the size of your product range, now and into the future. As there are a limited amount of numbers in each GTIN, the larger the company prefix, the fewer remaining digits there are for each product, size, variant, etc.

Longer company prefixes are more suitable for businesses with a limited range of products, as there are fewer remaining numbers in each GTIN. These artisan and craft producers may choose a GCP-11 licence, this has an eleven digit GCP, but only allows for 10 barcode numbers

Companies with larger product ranges typically choose shorter company prefixes. The GCP-9 licence is for 9 digit company prefix and enables up to 1,000 barcode numbers to be generated for products and outer cases.

View barcode licence costs

What do I get as a GS1 Ireland Member?

As a member of GS1 Ireland, we will receive a unique company identifier, and with our range of tools and services, you can create trusted and secure barcode numbers and symbols for your products and shipping cases.
GS1 membership and identifiers will make your business more reputable and will allow you to get listings with major retailers and marketplaces.

You will also benefit from being a part of Ireland's largest authorised product data community, sharing best practice on managing change in retail, logistics and e-commerce.

What makes GS1 different to other barcode sellers

GS1 manages a global number bank to ensure the integrity of supply chain product information. Each GS1 country office has its own start digits - the numbers at the start of each members Global Company prefix, and therefore each of their GTINs. Here in Ireland, our national prefix starts with 539. If a barcode is purchased from a cheap online re-seller, you have no guarantees of its' uniqueness or security and as the number will clearly not be an Irish GS1 number, your customers will not be able to fully trust your retail or shipping data.

The small savings obtained by buying from a rogue online barcode re-seller are often outweighed by the costs of missed retail listings, time consumed in rectifying product data, poorly managed recalls and damaged customer relationships.

How long does it take to get a barcode?

Once we receive your completed online registration and payment we will process your application. We verify each member application to ensure the continued integrity of the barcode number system. Verification typically takes 24 hours.
You will need to supply some company information as part of your application (registered name, VAT & CRO number - or similar) in addition to having payment and contact details available.

After I get my barcode number, how do I get barcode symbols?

Each GS1 Ireland receives access to our Barcode Manager tool. This is the safest and most secure way to manage your products barcode information. In Barcode Manager you can create, store and share GTIN and create barcode symbols for a large range of items from single consumer units that are sold at the retail point of sale, through to logistics and shipping units such as cases and pallets.
We also run barcode training workshops so that you and your team can get the most out of your barcodes and our numbering systems and standards.

We're here to help & support you. To learn more about how to get started contact us today.                                                       


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