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Barcode Symbol Generation

GS1 Ireland offers members a barcode symbol generation service which can be accessed through our online tool Barcode Manager.

You can create the EAN 13 or ITF 14 bar code symbols you require for your products and cases using Barcode Manager. You can then download the eps, jpeg or png files for each barcode symbol generated, ready for you to add to your packaging or to print onto labels.

Symbols are available singly or in bundles of 5, 10, 20 and 30 at greatly reduced rates. Symbol generation in Barcode Manager operates on the basis of credits. One credit is required for each symbol generated. Barcode Manager will store the generated symbols for you to download as many times as you require (no credits required for repeat downloads).

Symbols are available singly or in bundles of 5, 10, 20 and 30 at greatly reduced rates. View current symbol credit rates here.

How to purchase credits and generate symbols

Step 1: Via the Members Dashboard select the credits bundle you wish to pay for. Pay for Symbols Now.

Step 2: Log in to Barcode Manager to access your products* and generate the required symbols.

*If you are a first time user of Barcode Manager you will need to add the product details for the barcode number and symbol you wish to generate. If you require any assistance using Barcode Manager for the first time simply contact our Helpdesk on 01 208 0660 or book a one-to-one onboarding session with one of our team.

Barcode Manager - the simple and efficient way to accurately manage your barcode numbers and symbols

Did you know you can manage your barcode numbers and create symbols yourself using our Barcode Manager tool? Barcode Manager is the fast and efficient way to manage your product information at a time that is convenient to you. Symbol credits for image generation can be bought online.  Open Barcode Manager now in the Members Area.

EAN 13 Barcode SymbolITF 14 Prefix 0

An EAN 13 barcode symbol

An ITF 14 barcode symbol

GS1 128 barcode symbols for SSCC pallet labels

GS1 128 SSCC barcode label

If you need to generate a pallet label with a Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) in a GS1 128 barcode contact our Membership Services Team on 01 208 0660 or email for access to our online Logistics Label Tool

Barcode Symbol Verification

Service Terms and Disclaimer

The barcode symbols provided through this service are verified by GS1 before being issued to check quality and accuracy. Please note GS1 Ireland accepts no liability for barcode images that are manipulated or altered after issue and subsequently fail to scan. The print process and label/packaging substrate you choose play a significant role in the overall quality and readability of a barcode. We strongly recommend that you get your barcode symbols verified, in final print form, before committing to a full label or packaging print run.

Barcode verification is a service offered by GS1 and a number of other reputable solution providers. Please contact us for details or visit the verification section of our website.