Barcode image credits for symbol generation

Purchase credits to use in Barcode Manager to generate barcode symbol images for barcode numbers as you allocate them. Symbols can be downloaded to use on your packaging or labels. Bundles of credits are more economical than single symbol credits.

Tip: If your graphic designer or printer is capable of generating barcode symbols for you, as part of your packaging design process, you do not need to purchase credits and download symbols through Barcode Manager. The use of Barcode Manager to allocate barcode numbers and store product information is free-of-charge to paid up members - only the symbol generation component is a paid-for service.

Barcode Symbol Generation Prices ex. VAT

Barcode Symbol Image Credits for Barcode ManagerRate
Barcode Symbol Image (Single) (1 credit)€20
Barcode Symbol Image Credits (Bundle of 5)€75
Barcode Symbol Image Credits (Bundle of 10)€100
Barcode Symbol Image Credits (Bundle of 20)€150
Barcode Symbol Image Credits (Bundle of 30)€180

Barcode Manager can be used to generate an image file (eps, jpeg, png or gif) of your chosen barcode number. The credit fee is purely for image generation and download and does not include the actual licence fee for the number itself. 


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