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The complete sustainability solution for your business


ENSO is the all-in-one solution which empowers your business to easily create an impactful sustainability strategy, start taking action and transparently communicate your great work.

We want to help your business grow through sustainability through:

  • Enhancing your sales narrative
  • Gaining a competitive edge in tender processes
  • Securing a stronger position in valuable supply chains
  • Preparing for incoming regulations
  • Creating a stronger community connection

Our unique online platform aims to demystifying sustainability and helps businesses to make a positive impact. The complete sustainability solution for your business ENSO empowers your business to embrace sustainability by supplying you with the tools and resources to:

  • Create Your Custom Sustainability Strategy with Confidence: Create a custom sustainability strategy tailored to your business needs, backed by independent verification and tracking of your sustainability activities. Being proactive about sustainability will lead to having better relations with investors, suppliers, clients and regulatory bodies as well as long-term sustainable profits.
  • Track & Manage Sustainability Activities: Taking action is key, and the ENSO platform allows you to manage this activity so you have the maximum impact.
  • Share Your Sustainability Story: When the time comes to highlight your sustainability achievements, let ENSO help you spread the word and raise awareness of your positive impact. Our platform offers marketing tools such as bespoke webpages and customised reports to effectively communicate and prove your commitment to sustainability to suppliers, investors, regulators and customers.

Join the 150+ other businesses who are making sustainability their competitive advantage with ENSO.

Check out the ENSO website for more information or book a call directly with the ENSO team and they will be more than happy to have a quick chat about how sustainability can benefit your business.

ENSO is a GS1 Ireland Partner 2024.

Partner Badge 2020

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