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Sustainability Grants & Funding - Guest Blog Post by ENSO Impact

Jul 10, 2024, by Donal Quinn, ENSO Impact - Category: Sustainability

Sustainability is now a must-have for businesses - it is crucial for winning tenders, contract renewals, aligning with B2B clients & partners and meeting consumer sentiment.

ENSO Sustainabiity Grants and Funding

Did you know that there are a whole host of Government-funded programmes available to Irish businesses to help them build their sustainability strategy and improve their ESG performance?

Some of the programmes are highlighted below with useful links to help you get started:

Climate Action Voucher

The Climate Action Voucher, worth €1,800, is a fully funded voucher from Enterprise Ireland and is available to Enterprise Ireland clients. The voucher allows you to work with a sustainability service provider or consultant of your choice on a two-day project. This project can include creating an initial sustainability strategy, a decarbonisation plan or to focus on a specific climate action initiative or deep dive for your business. Enterprise Ireland are now also accepting this voucher to assist businesses on their B Corp application process.

The EI Climate Action Voucher is perfect for businesses who would like to start their sustainability journey or improve their current performance and is key to helping businesses be 'supplier-ready' for sustainability data requests from other customers/clients.


  1. Choose consultant
  2. Apply through the Enterprise Ireland portal
  3. Consultant completes work 
  4. Submit consultant report and drawdown application to receive payment


GS1 Ireland’s sustainability partner ENSO has created a special offer for GS1 members who partner with them to use the Climate Action Voucher - this includes 12 month's access to the ENSO ESG platform and a place on their Launchpad programme. Contact for more information.

Climate Action Voucher Link

Green for Business Programme

The Green for Business Programme is similar to the Climate Action Voucher but is Local Enterprise Office client businesses. The Green for Business Programme offers support to businesses with 1 - 50 employees that want to begin their sustainability journey.

Through your Local Enterprise Office, you can access a grant for two-days of consulting by a sustainability professional that will be assigned to you based on your needs and goals. This consultant will provide specific recommendations on initiatives to implement and will prepare a bespoke Green for Business report. Click here to learn more about Green for Business.

Green Start

If you are looking to improve the environmental performance of your business by implementing best practices, Green Start can help. Green Start can help you fund a seven-day project with an environmental or sustainability consultant that relates to implementing a structured environmental management and reporting system, developing a decarbonisation strategy and action plan, and aligning your environmental practices to reporting initiatives. 

Green Start can also be used to receive assistance on completing your B Corp application. A dedicated consultant can work with your business to complete your initial B Impact Assessment, collate the correct supporting documents and identify areas where your business can score additional points. To learn more about Green Start click here. 

Green Plus

Green Plus can help you fund a longer term, usually 12 months, project relating to a variety of sustainability topics. For example, projects can include hiring an external environmental consultant, developing a comprehensive climate change and sustainability plan, implementing environmental best practices, and training programmes. To learn more, go to this link.

Strategic Consultancy

This grant scheme is intended to help fund projects of strategic significance for your company. There are two project durations that are covered by the grant. Long term projects for SMEs can cover any strategic topic, but larger companies, eligible projects are limited to environmental studies or consultations that directly impact environmental protection. This may include decarbonisation, increased energy and resource efficiency and renewable energy generation. 

Short term projects, that last between three - ten days, must focus on a pillar issue identified in a client development meeting or achieving gender balanced teams. To learn more, go to this website. 

SEAI Grants

SEAI has many different financing opportunities for different energy related projects. From grants to tax incentives, SEAI aims to make energy efficiency and energy saving technology and projects more accessible. All of the available grants can be explored here.

Four specific financing options that we would like to highlight are:

  • Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA)
    • This initiative is a tax credit that encourages investment in energy saving technology. Business owners are able to deduct the entire cost of a new energy saving technology from their overall profits in the year of purchase. This technology must be purchased new and specifically for commercial use. 
  • Electric Vehicle Grants
    • A grant of a maximum of €3,800 is available to subsidise the purchase of an electric vehicle for commercial use. There is also a grant of a maximum of €7,600 for the purchase of a large panel van for commercial use. The vehicles must be purchased new and cost between €14,000 and €60,000. 
  • Support Scheme for Energy Audits
    • If you are interested in learning more about your energy usage and possible measures to increase efficiency and decrease overall usage, this grant can help fund a professional energy audit. The voucher for €2,000 usually covers the entire cost of a professional energy audit.
  • Non-Domestic Microgen Scheme
    • This grant helps fund solar projects for non-domestic entities, including businesses and farms. Through the list of registered solar PV companies, you can get a quote for up to 6 kWp (kilowatt peak) of solar panels. Depending on the capacity you install, this grant will fund up to €2,400. 

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