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Webinar: RFID in Apparel (Replay)

RFID in Apparel - Enabling End to End Visibility

The retail world is in the midst of tumultuous change. Through technology the consumer is becoming more empowered and demanding and supply chains are ever more complex. What solutions are available to today's apparel retailers and manufacturers in order to help them better respond?

This webinar introduces some of the new technology solutions that can support multi-channel retailing and help today's apparel retailers and manufacturers to better respond to their consumers demands.

RFID-enabled retail solutions

Would you like to learn more about the retail store of the future that will include smart mirrors and changing rooms or floor sales staff armed with tablet devices to enhance the customer’s in-store experience? Maybe you have already begun considering an RFID solution for managing inventory or have had a request to tag items for a customer? Or perhaps RFID technology is completely new to you? 

If "Yes" you will benefit from watching this short 30 minute webinar during which we look at some of the solutions that can help your business to become more agile, efficient and responsive to customer demands.

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This webinar was hosted by GS1 Ireland in association with VisionID.

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