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Barcode Manager

Barcode Manager Icon Navy CircleAn easy to use tool that automatically allocates a barcode number for you. Simply enter details of the product type and name.

Barcode Manager is available to GS1 Ireland Members with a barcode prefix and can be accessed via this website. Once you register your business with GS1 Ireland and receive details of your barcode prefix you can open Barcode Manager on the Members Dashboard and get started allocating your first barcode number.

Barcode Manager is quick and effortless to use and takes all of the stress out of allocating and managing your barcode numbers.

What can Barcode Manager do?

With Barcode Manager you can:

  • Generate barcode numbers for a new product
  • Store barcode details for existing products
  • Compile a data profile for products to include brand name, description and details such as weight, size, flavour or colour
  • Generate barcode symbols in a variety of file formats*
  • Upload existing product information from other systems via spreadsheet.

*There is a small fee for generating symbol images. Credits can be purchased through the online portal. The other features of Barcode Manager are free to use for all paid-up Members with a barcode licence.

Barcode Manager LeafletRead more

Download a short introductory leaflet about Barcode Manager.

Getting started with Barcode Manager

We've a selection of useful resources to help you become familiar with the many features and functions of Barcode Manager including free webinar training courses and step-by-step instruction cards. We'll provide you with full details on accessing Barcode Manager once your membership registration and barcode licence have been processed.

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Onboarding Support

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