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GS1 barcode training courses

GS1 Training and EducationGS1 Ireland runs courses throughout the year on the topics of Barcoding and EDI. Please see below a brief overview of each course and workshop. In line with current health recommendations, all of our training courses and workshops are online.

In addition to structured training GS1 Ireland also runs a number of workshops and seminars throughout the year on a variety of industry-relevant topics including serialisation and identification (aimed at the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors), traceability, legislation and regulation and supply chain efficiency. For details of our seminars and workshops please visit our Calendar of Events.

Barcode Training Courses and Workshops

The GS1 barcoding courses have been specifically created to walk you through all of the steps of allocating and managing your barcodes in line with best practices and global GS1 standards. At present, our courses run online. If you are unable to attend our online courses, please see our eLearning section or contact our Helpdesk for further information on alternative options.

Barcode Training One Day Course

GS1 Barcode Training Brochure Cover

Barcode training is a great way to build your barcoding knowledge and to give you confidence in using barcodes in your business. Our training courses cater for beginners and advanced barcode users and cover a range of topics, from basic retail barcodes to logistics labels, including SSCCs.

No previous knowledge of barcoding is required for this course, and it is ideal for anyone whose role includes managing barcodes. The course is also suitable as a refresher for anyone who wants to improve their current barcoding skills. Completion of the course will give you the confidence & tools to deal with barcoding in your business, from retail barcodes to SSCCs.

Find out more about our one day course or check our calendar for upcoming training dates.

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eLearning: The GS1 Learning Zone

The GS1 Learning Zone allows you to study anywhere and at any time. Our online training provides a series of 25 courses on essential supply chain concepts. Learning is self-paced and users can revise any section to remind themselves when they want. Access is via an internet-enabled device, so, if you want to have a latté while you up-skill on your smartphone or can!

For further information on our elearning options please click here.

EDI Training Course

GS1 EDI Training Course BrochureThe GS1 EDI course explains the "what" and "why" of EDI in an easy to follow and non-technical manner.  The objective of this course is to give participants an understanding of how EDI messages are built, using GS1 standards, to support the supply chain. The course is broken into three sessions over two days.

For information on our next EDI course please contact us.

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