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Check Digit Calculator

How to calculate a barcode check digit

You can use this form to calculate the check digit (final digit) for a GS1 identification number such as a barcode number (GTIN), a Global Location Number (GLN), a Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) or a Global Service Relationship Number (GSRN). Simply enter your prefix and chosen item reference digits in the left box and click the Calculate button. Your complete GS1 number will appear in the right-hand box. 

Online Barcode Manager Tool

Did you know that with our Barcode Manager tool you can also allocate, store and manage your product barcode numbers online? With Barcode Manager you'll never need to use this Check Digit Calculator again and the Barcode Manager system will automatically allocate the next available number in your bank. Call our Helpdesk Team on 01 2080660 if you'd like to move on from using the Check Digital Calculator and start to manage and store your barcode numbers online. To find out more about how to start with Barcode Manager click here.

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