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Why join GS1 Ireland

Join the thousands of Irish businesses who trust GS1 for their barcodes.

Millions of Businesses Trust GS1 for their Barcodes & Product Identification

You might know GS1 for our barcodes which are scanned over 6 billion times daily. Our cost and time-saving system and standards allow our member organisation to focus on how to develop rather than how to organise their business.


Data is only valuable when it can be shared.

Only with the GS1 system and our barcodes, can you be assured that your products will be compliant with major retailers and distributors all over the world.


But we are more than just barcodes.

Our standards drive commerce, trust and safety across the globe. At GS1 Ireland, we work with thousands of Irish organisations of all sizes to use our Standards & Systems to grow and improve efficiency, safety, security, and sustainability.

Refer to our Terms & Conditions before proceeding.

Download your "Barcodes Made Easy" Guide which outlines the steps to register your business and products with GS1.

Takes 10 Minutes

Standards are agreements that allow us to get things done; they make life easier and avoid an awful lot of waste. We take most standards for granted, as they allow us to focus on taking actions

Everyday Standards


The side of the road we drive on The plugs and sockets for your TVThe size and weight of products and packagingThe colour of your company's brand and logo

The GS1 System Creates Trusted Barcodes

GS1 standards form a common foundation for businesses by uniquely identifying, capturing and automatically sharing vital information about products, locations and assets. 

Companies of all sizes benefit from using our system of standards; small craft producers as well as large national and international retailers and world-famous brands.

In Ireland, GS1 Ireland administers the GS1 system and is the only authorised source for GS1 barcode numbers and standards, no other organisation can guarantee your company's barcode and product data safety. When you join GS1 Ireland, you join a community of businesses whose product details are built on trusted standards to ensure it can be easily shared across their trading partners.

We are a non-profit, global organisation and our barcode standards are trusted by all local and international retailers and e-commerce providers.

How do our standards help Irish organisations?

  • Your traceability procedures comply with EU regulations

  • Your trading partners are aligned on their requirements

  • You reduce costs in ordering, invoicing and handling logistic processes

  • You increase your efficiency in delivering goods, in product recall and improve your final selling at POS

Refer to our Terms & Conditions before proceeding.

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Takes 10 Minutes

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