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ASD is a dynamic standards-based software development company based in Dublin. Experienced in every facet of the solution development and delivery processes, ASD provides GS1 accredited solutions in the Healthcare and Aviation industry sectors.

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ASD is a GS1 Ireland Gold Partner 2024.

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RFID, barcode, biometric and access control systems

ASD's solutions utilise and maximise the use of technologies such as RFID, Barcode, Biometrics and Access Control. Our systems provide the facility to capture data via handheld devices, scanners and fixed readers, minimising keyboard input and maximising the quality of data stored. The quality of data accepted to our solutions and the ability to share this data in real-time with the appropriate people and systems provides better data and allows for improved business decision making capabilities.

Complying with strict industry regulation

Healthcare and Aviation are both highly regulated sectors and adhere to a very strict level of compliance to the agreed and set industry standards. Software systems within these sectors must meet these regulations and the related software standards.

ASD solutions in healthcare

Within the healthcare sector the ASD solutions are GS1 accredited. Our solutions utilise both fixed readers and handheld devices to track and monitor items that are uniquely identified by RFID or barcode. For example, vulnerable patients are monitored through a fixed reader environment to ensure patient safety at all times. Integrated with an access control system, our solution provides data relating to patient movement and alerts the appropriate personnel if an unaccompanied patient approaches an exit. The same fixed reader network monitors clinical samples from time-of-taking in theatre to analysis at the laboratory and also tracks the movement of assets identifying last known location. Based on the movement of RFID tagged items, alerts are issued to the appropriate personnel and data is shared with other systems to highlight any irregularities.

ASD solutions in aviation

In aviation, airlines have received FAA and EASA approval for use of the ASD ATA Spec2000 compliant solutions on aircraft and in the warehouse. In this sector, our solutions track assets, emergency equipment, life-limited components, tools and other RFID-tagged items. Our solutions allow mechanics to complete an emergency equipment check on aircraft to ensure presence and expiry in a matter of minutes where previously this would have taken hours to complete. In the warehouse and within maintenance areas, life limited components, repairable items and tools are all monitored as they move within the airlines’ facilities.

Business knowledge and technical expertise

The blend and balance of business knowledge and technical capability within our accredited solutions allows ASD to provide solutions that are of true benefit in both Healthcare and Aviation, providing businesses with real-time mission critical data and an immense return on investment.

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