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Sharing Your Product Data

Connecting your product data with Verified by GS1.

Verified by GS1 connects your product data to an online global database of key product identification attributes. This allows your trading partners to confirm your product's identity online. You can easily share your product data from your Barcode Manager account via Verified by GS1.

What product data is shared with Verified by GS1?

Every product registered through Verified by GS1 has a unique barcode number and a number of core product attributes. All eligible product data will be shared from Barcode Manager with Verified by GS1 on 18th December 2020. Holding data may be used for certain products attributes (e.g. Product Image & Global Product Category Brick Code). Please review your product attributes and ensure you replace any holding data with accurate product data prior to final data sharing to Verified by GS1 on the 18th December 2020. Shared data can be publicly accessed, and better quality data will help to get your products to market faster; make trading more efficient, and help build trust with customers.

Verified by GS1 publically viewable product attributes:

  • Globally unique product identifier (e.g. barcode number/ GTIN)
  • Product description
  • Product image
  • Global Product Classification (GPC)
  • Brand name
  • Net content & unit of measure
  • Target market

Product attributes shared and accessible on Verified by GS1 can be reviewed in the Verified by GS1 tab of your Barcode Manager account.  

How do I share my product data from Barcode Manager to Verified by GS1?

Product data sharing with Verified by GS1 has been set to ACTIVE in Barcode Manager. Data sharing has been set to ACTIVE at a company prefix level, this means all products and GTINs (blocks and ranges) associated with your Global Company Prefix (GCP) on Barcode Manager will have their data shared automatically with Verified by GS1 and will be publicly searchable and viewable.

Company-wide data sharing is set to ACTIVE in your Barcode Manager dashboard.

When this setting is ACTIVE, all your eligible products and their attribute data will be shared with Verified by GS1. 

You can also set the data sharing status by GTIN range in your Barcode Manager dashboard. You can set data sharing to ACTIVE for each GTIN range. In the My Product section of Barcode Manager, you can also set the data sharing status for each individual product.Barcode Manager GTIN Range Data Sharing Status

Will Verified by GS1 change my product data on Barcode Manager?

To ensure high quality and trustworthy data, your existing product barcode numbers (GTINs) and other core Verified by GS1 product attributes will be locked and cannot be edited from the 18th December 2020. For new products and GTINs created on Barcode Manager from this time, Verified by GS1 attributes will be locked 72 hours after creation. To edit the attributes of a new product after this time you will need to contact our Member Services Helpdesk.

GTIN Status

To ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of your product data, all GTINs will now have their status set to either Allocated or Archived.


(GTINs created and assigned to products and items listed in your Barcode Manager account. Typically these are products still in the supply chain & market.)


(GTINs assigned to products listed in your Barcode Manager account but no longer in the supply chain. These GTINs can be re-activated upon request by our Member Services team.)

This prevents the re-use of GTINs and supports the integrity of our member's product data.

You can view the status of each product's GTIN in the Product Identification section of your Barcode Manager account.

Barcode Manager Verified by GS1 GTIN Status

Product Attributes

Each product shared and validated through Verified by GS1 includes a number of publicly-viewable core product attributes.
When a product's data is shared with Verified by GS1 these 6 product attributes are locked in Barcode Manager.

These attributes are greyed out in the Product Attributes section of Barcode Manager and are identified with a lock icon. To unlock and amend these data points please contact the GS1 Ireland Member Services Helpdesk.


How is my product data added to Verified by GS1?

All non-archived, base-level products are eligible to be shared from your Barcode Manager account to Verified by GS1. Data sharing for all eligible products is set to Active at a company level. On the 18th December 2020, all GTIN ranges listed as Active will have their product attributes opted-in to the Verified by GS1 data validation process.

Data Validation Process

Verified by GS1 Data Validation Process Icons

You do not need to take action to opt-in your product data for validation, all eligible Barcode Manager products marked as ACTIVE will automatically have their data shared for validation.

When a product passes the validation rules, it and is ACTIVE with Verified by GS1 it will be included to be publically accessed via the GS1 Registry.
VALID items may not be immediately published to the database. When a product is listed on Verified by GS1 a green tick will be visible beside the product in the Product List and Details tabs in Barcode Manager.

Products that do not meet the validation rules are marked as INVALID. You can view the validation rules here

See below for information on viewing your product's data verification and Verified by GS1 reports.

When will my product data be shared with Verified by GS1?

The Verified by GS1 data sharing integration will be an added feature in your Barcode Manager account from week commencing 19th October 2020. All eligible products will be opted-in to share their data by default.

All eligible products, and their data, will be shared with Verified by GS1 on the 18th December 2020. Product attributes will be locked for editing at this time, and you should review and update your product data ahead of this.

When your product data is shared it will then go through the data validation process. You can review the validation & Verified by GS1 status of your products in the My Products page of the Product Manager section of Barcode Manager.


You can also download validation reports in the Verified by GS1 page. Reports are available for products at each stage of the validation process.


For further assistance please contact our Member Services team here.