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Leveraging Globally Unique Data Standards to give Owner Operators real control over their Asset Information

Feb 7, 2024, by GS1 and Fexillon - Category: Partner Programme

Fexillon works in partnership with GS1 Ireland helping Owner Operators to implement GS1 standards for item identification and tracking to bring visibility, traceability and certainty to their Building Information Management.

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Developing and managing a safe, healthy and sustainable built environment is directly dependant on the quality and clarity of building data. GS1’s globally unique identification and exchange data standards are enabling the sharing of unique data about objects, their history, location and maintenance needs.

The collaboration between Fexillon and GS1 Ireland focuses on bringing together industry stakeholders from across the supply chain, to learn about, and adopt, best-in-class standardised data sharing practices. The resulting added value from the use of standardised digital data will be delivered through resource efficiency and productivity gains throughout the lifespan of a building.

George Harold, CEO of Fexillon, said “Fexillon are very excited to continue our partnership with GS1 Ireland, putting a strategic focus on the processes and standards to improve and assist owners and operators with their building & asset information for the entire asset lifecycle. Working with GS1 allows us to develop and provide great opportunities for the implementation of GS1 global standards to the construction and facilities management industries.”

Mike Byrne, CEO of GS1 Ireland, commented “GS1 Ireland is delighted to extend our partnership with Fexillon. This collaboration will aid Fexillon in adopting GS1's widely acknowledged standards for identifying locations, assets, construction products, and people for their clients. By using QR codes and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to record transactions and events, and by sharing information uniformly with building owners, operators, and facilities management partners, we aim to simplify processes and ensure compliance with existing and future regulations. Embracing GS1 standards not only cuts costs but also boosts efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Adopting GS1 Standards at Design & Construction

At the Design and Construction stage, Fexillon enables users to effortlessly generate GIAI numbers for assets within the asset register and GLN numbers in location register. This process can be executed individually or in bulk, streamlining the integration of globally recognised identification standards. The platform's user-friendly interface facilitates a smooth setup, ensuring that each asset and location is uniquely identified according to GS1 standards. Assets and location tags are also assigned to both BIM models and the Information Delivery activities occurring throughout the building construction stages.

A Single Source of Truth for Operations

As the building transitions to the Handover and Operations stage, the Fexillon system evolves into a single source of truth. Users can easily locate any asset by simply scanning the GLN or GIAI numbers, ensuring quick and accurate access to the golden thread of information. This functionality is particularly beneficial for in-field teams, who can leverage the Fexillon mobile app to efficiently scan and retrieve asset-related details. Scheduled, proactive, and reactive maintenance activities revolve around the GS1 tags ensuring the correct information allocation and activity logging. By seamlessly integrating GS1 standards into the Fexillon Platform, we are empowering users to navigate the building lifecycle with enhanced efficiency, transparency, and accuracy.


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