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GS1 standards begin with GS1 Identification Numbers, used to uniquely distinguish all products, logistics units, locations, assets and relationships across the supply chain from manufacturer to consumer. GS1 Identification Numbers provide the link between an item and information about it.

GS1 Identification Numbers have been used to distinguish products, locations and more for the past forty years. They are the foundation for all GS1 standards. As the global supply chain has evolved, GS1 Identification Numbers have extended to include assets, documents and more to keep pace with business developments.

The 11 GS1 Identification Numbers include: GTINs for products, SSCCs for shipping containers, GIAIs and GRAIs for assets, GLNs for company and location identification, and GDTIs for documents.

Read on now to learn about all of the different Identification Numbers you can create using your unique GS1 Global Company Prefix (GCP).

Download the introductory leaflet: GS1 Identify

GS1 UniqueID

GS1 UniqueID is a large, multi-year industry initiative that is dedicated to making GTIN management—and the sharing of data about minor product changes—simpler and more effective. The GTIN Management Standard, ratified June 2016, is a key foundational step in making the GS1 UniqueID effort a reality.

Read more about the GTIN Management Standard.