Other Identifiers

Coupon Numbers

There are three different types of coupon identification codes; a global coupon identifier, a prefix for coupons denominated in Euro and a third for coupons issued in Sterling (GBP).


A Global Document Type Identifier or GDTI is the GS1 Identification Key for a document type which may be combined with an optional, alpha-numeric serial number.


The CPID is the GS1 Identification Key used to identify a Component or Part. Each component part that is different from another is allocated a separate, unique CPID.


SSCC: Serial Shipping Container Codes

Identify and label pallets with an SSCC and the GS1 128 barcode symbol. Watch the video.

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fTRACE is a GS1 standards-based traceability platform enabling events based traceability recording and multi-party, rights enabled access.

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SCANtalk Podcast

New Podcast Launched

SCANtalk is a new podcast by GS1 Ireland. Subscribe today where ever you listen to podcasts.

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Find out from a training course participant how our training courses are structured, and what you can expect from your full-day training session.

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