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Coupon Numbers

There are three different types of coupon identification codes; a global coupon identifier, a coupon structure for coupons denominated in Euro (current solution in place in Ireland) and an identifier for coupons issued in Sterling (GBP).

The Euro Coupon GTIN

A common GTIN structure has been developed for use on coupons throughout the Eurozone. If you wish to bar code a money off voucher you will need a special Company Prefix Number starting with the digits 981 or 982, to be allocated to you. As with variable weight retail units, these GTINs encode the value of the discount within them.

Euro Coupon Code Structure

a) Prefix 981 or 982: Euro coupon prefix which denotes position of decimal place in value field i.e. 982 indicates two decimal places.

b) Coupon Issuer Number: The four digit coupon reference(issuer) number plus the 981/982 prefix make up the seven digits which identify your company as the unique holder of this coupon issuer number.

c) Coupon Promotion Reference Number. A two digit reference number runs from 00 to 99 enabling you to allocate up to 100 promotion references from any one prefix.

d) Value Field: A three digit value field. For example if the coupon redemption value is 50 c VVV=050. Redemption values from 1c to € 9.99 should be represented with the prefix 982 and by three value digits from 001 to 999. For values greater than €10 use the prefix 981 and the value in 10 cent blocks from 10.0 to 99.9. Coupons for free goods should have a zero value (VVV=000).

e) Check digit: calculated in line with the standard modulo 10 algorithm.

Euro Coupon Prefix     Issuer Company ReferenceCoupon ReferenceValueCheck

The Global Coupon Number

The GCN is the GS1 Identification Key used to identify a coupon. The GCN will identify a coupon uniquely thus ensuring that it is always identified correctly anywhere in the world. Each coupon that is different from another is allocated a separate, unique GCN. The GCN itself has no meaning and this allows the coupon to be looked-up in a database and its associated information retrieved at any point or location. 

The GCN is normally assigned by the Coupon Issuer using Application Identifier (255). The GCN is constructed as follows:

GS1 Company Prefix      Coupon ReferenceCheck
Serial Component
N1N2N3N4N5N6N7N8N9N10N11N12N13N1 variable N12

The Sterling (GBP) Coupon GTIN

A separate prefix and coding structure is used for GTINs to identify coupons denominated in Sterling. If you wish to apply bar codes to coupons for use in the UK market, you will need to apply for a prefix commencing with the digits 99.