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GS1 Identification Numbers

The GS1 Identification Keys give companies an efficient way to access information about items in their supply chains, and share this information with trading partners. ID Keys enable organisations to assign standard identifiers to products, documents, physical locations and more.

Because GS1 ID keys are globally unique, they can be shared between organisations, increasing supply chain visibility for trading partners.

To build a GS1 ID key, your organisation must become a member of GS1 and obtain a GS1 company prefix. This will form the basis of your ID keys. There are 11 GS1 ID keys, allowing organisations to connect physical events and related information, as in the table below.

The following GS1 Identifiers are most commonly used in retail and supply chain applications:

  • GTIN - Global Trade Item Number
  • SSCC - Serial Shipping Container Code
  • GLN - Global Location Number

In addition to the above, the GS1 Identifiers below may be used by any company that adopts the GS1 System for more advanced applications.

  • GIAI - Global Individual Asset Identifier
  • GRAI - Global Returnable Asset Identifier
  • GSRN - Global Service Relationship Number
  • GDTI - Global Document Type Identifier
  • GINC - Global Identification Number for Consignments
  • GSIN - Global Shipment Identification Number
  • CPID - Component Part Identifier
  • GCN - Global Coupon Number


Further reading

 Click to open and save a copy of the GS1 Identify introductory leaflet.