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GS1 128 Barcode Symbol Specifications

GS1 128 (formerly known as the UCC/EAN-128 symbology or simply EAN 128 ), together with Application Identifiers (AIs), enable companies to provide additional information about a product in addition to the GTIN (unique product identification number).  GS1 128 may be used presently only on a trade item as retail systems are not capable of scanning this bar code. 

GS1 128 Barcode Symbol Print Specifications

  • Size: Variable and dependant upon content
  • X dimension at nominal size: 1.016 mm
  • Magnification Factor: 25% to 100%
  • Target Magnification: 48.7%
  • Min. Bar Height: 32mm
  • Target Location: Min. 19mm from a vertical edge.


GS1 128 SSCC

GS1 128 & Logistic Unit Labelling

GS1 Ireland, in conjunction with a number of leading suppliers, distributors and retailers, drew up a set of guidelines on the use of the GS1 128 symbology on outer case and pallet labels.

What is a Logistic Unit?

A logistic unit is an item of any composition established for transport and/or storage and that needs to be managed through the supply chain.

GS1 Logistics Label Sections

There are two basic forms of information on a GS1 Logistics Label - Human Readable and Machine Readable. The typical GS1 Label has three sections:

  • A top section which contains free format information
  • A middle section which contains information about the unit in human readable form and
  • A bottom section which contains the barcode symbols(s) and their human readable interpretation.

Download a guide to the GS1 SSCC Online Pallet Label generation tool

For further information, please click on the link below to download a copy of the GS1 128 Guidelines for use in Ireland.