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EAN 13 Barcode Symbol Specifications

The EAN 13 symbol is the most commonly used of all the GS1 symbols. It is the symbol typically found on most items sold at a retail point of sale. EAN 13 is used to print each of the 13 digit GTIN types namely for fixed weight products, variable weight products, coupons, books, serial publications etc. The GTIN may start with any of the following prefixes: 539, 20, 02, 981, 982, 977, 978 or with the Global Company Prefix (GCP) allocated to your company for bar coding purposes.

EAN 13 Barcode Symbol Specifications

  • Min. size: 29.83 mm x 18.28 mm
  • Max. size: 74.58 mm x 45.7 mm
  • Nominal dimensions: 37.29 mm x 27.85 mm
  • X dimension at nominal size: 0.330 mm
  • Magnification factor: 80% to 200% from nominal dimension.
  • Light Margin: Left 3.63 mm, Right 2.31mm 
  • Min Bar Height: 22.85 mm at nominal size
  • Target Location: Rear lower right quadrant
EAN 13 Barcode Symbol

The X dimension or module width is the width of the narrowest bar or space at 100% magnification. The width of the other bars or spaces is two, three or four times the X dimension.

The magnification factor is the size by which the bar code symbol can be varied from the nominal dimension.