The Global Language of Business

GS1 DataBar Symbol Types

GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional Stacked


Group 1 - Point of Sale Identification
GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional and Stacked Omnidirectional: can be half the size of an EAN/UPC bar code. These work at retail point of sale and carry the GTIN, making them ideal for items such as loose fresh produce and small items.


Group 2 - Point of Sale, Identification & Additional Information
GS1 DataBar Expanded with Batch and ExpiryGS1 DataBar Expanded and Expanded Stacked: roughly the same size as an EAN/UPC bar code, these symbols can carry up to 74 numeric or 41 alphabetic characters and can carry an SGTIN (GTIN + Serial Number). These also work at retail point of sale, making them ideal for variable measure products such as meat, fresh produce and deli items.


Group 3 - Not for Flatbed Scanners; Identification Only; Specialist Applications.Data Matrix Truncated Limited
GS1 DataBar Truncated, Stacked and Limited: the smallest in the GS1 DataBar family. They carry 14 numeric characters but are not omnidirectional. They do not work at retail point of sale (flatbed scanners) are designed for items too small for any other bar code, such as healthcare items and assist with traceability.