2015 News Archive

Issuing Guidance to Healthcare Professionals

Accident reports underpinned by GS1 standards, are vital to ensuring that medical devices work reliably, safely, and effectively in delivering care to patients.

How the MHRA is improving traceability, efficiency and safety using UDI

Using GS1 standards, the MHRA have been working with the Department of Health to improve procurement processes in the NHS.

Cracking the Code in the NHS

As the NHS moves towards a common barcode system for its supplies, Seamus Ward examines the benefits in a recent article published by the HFMA.

Over 80,000 medical device products already registered in new US FDA database

Since the introduction of the US FDA UDI regulation in September 2014 Class III medical devices need to be registered n the FDA Global UDI Database (GUDID).

A Closer Look at the EU-FMD "Safety Features" Delegated Act

We explore the European Falsified Medicines Directive, an important piece of legislation that will impact every participant in the healthcare supply chain in 32 states in Europe.

National Tracking System: A Safer Solution

HSE is lowering costs and increasing instrument availability through a national tracking system for re-usable medical instrument sets using GS1 Standards.

Why the NHS must replicate Retail

The NHS can gain efficiencies and improve patient outcomes by following the example of retailers and adopting GS1 Standards throughout the supply chain

What is the difference between GDSN and GUDID?

Scott Brown from GS1 US explains the differences between GUDID and GDSN for medical device manufacturers

Portsmouth and Derby win global GS1 healthcare award

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust and Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust won the GS1 Healthcare Best Provider Implementation Case Study Awards

All 154 NHS Acute Trusts in England are now GS1 UK members

Through GS1 Standards NHS Acute Trusts are benefiting from improved patient outcomes & safety, increased operational efficiencies, reduced errors & greater regulatory compliance.