Press Releases

Documenting Medical Device Implants - Pilot Success

GS1 Ireland led an international coalition which successfully employed a sterile field scanner during surgery. The "TRACTUS" scanner by Matrix IT Medical Tracking Systems effectively collected detailed medical device information from extremely small codes known as data matrix codes on hospital-sterilized implants at Wheeling Hospital in West Virginia, USA. For the first time, full medical device traceability was proven on these implants, allowing for future device analytics.

IMVO formally established & blueprint provider selected for Ireland

The IMVO has been formally established & a blueprint provider has been selected for Ireland

Patient Safety & Supply Chain Security at GS1’s Healthcare Event in Budapest

Over 300 healthcare leaders from 43 countries gathered at the 28th GS1 Healthcare conference in Budapest to discuss Patient Safety and Supply Chain Security.

Offering a Global Cure for Healthcare

October 2012: McKinsey & Company release their report “Strength in unity: The promise of global standards in healthcare” which highlights the cost savings and patient safety benefits of adopting a single global supply chain standard in Healthcare.