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Explore the world of GS1 standards. Find out how and where GS1 standards can be used within the healthcare supply chain. Learn about the benefits of GS1 standards adoption in terms of patient safety, cost savings and efficiency.

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GS1 Identification Numbers

Item Identification with GS1

GS1 Standards begin with GS1 Identification Numbers, used to uniquely distinguish products, locations, assets and relationships across the supply chain.

Standardised Data Capture with GS1 Barcodes and RFID tags

Capture Data with GS1

Data encoded in GS1 Data Carriers not only identifies products or assets, it provides access to information and item visibility across the supply chain.

Share Standardised Data with GS1

Exchange Data with GS1

Standardised data sharing made possible by identification and data capture standards, allows product information to flow efficiently between trading partners.