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Siobhain Duggan, Director of Innovation and Life Sciences at GS1 Ireland, will be a keynote speaker at the Irish Exporters Association Life Sciences & Supply Chain Seminar. See details below, and to register please visit the Irish Exporters Association's website.

Location: Cork
Date: 3rd October 2019
Time: 08.30am to 11.30a.m  

Details below from Irish Exporters Association site;

This seminar will focus on Life Sciences and the Supply Chain. As Cork is a key Life Sciences hub we wish to bring an informative event to the Munster region with key note speakers:

Other speakers to include:
  • GDP 2020: Eric Furey, Principal Consultant, People in Pharma Furey Associates
  • Life Sciences & Transport: David Sadlier, Director Customer Solutions, Rhenus Logistics Ireland
  • The implications of Brexit on the life sciences supply chain, an IP perspective:Philip Coyle, Consultant European Patent Attorney, FR Kelly
  • Case studies to be announced shortly

What will be covered during the seminar?
  • A practical update from the regulator on patient safety and falsified medicines with an opportunity to raise concerns during our Q&A session
  • A supplier perspective with a case study from GS1 Ireland
  • An update on the upcoming GDP 2020 for medical devices from our subject matter expert
  • The implications of Brexit on the life sciences supply chain from an IP perspective
  • A case study from a Life Sciences company

Webinar Overview

Global GS1 Standards meet the European Commission’s criteria for the issuance of UDIs and will support the EU regulators in ensuring a successful implementation of the UDI system as defined by the EU Medical Device and In-Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices regulations. This enables manufacturers to comply with these requirements starting from May 2020. This webinar will give an overview of how to meet UDI requirements using GS1 standards.

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Learning Objectives

  • An introduction to UDI for US and Europe
  • Similarities and differences between FDA UDI Final Rule and UDI in the EU according to MDR and IVDR
  • An introduction to GUDID and Eudamed - managing product data
  • Meeting UDI requirements using GS1 Standards
    • DI & PI
    • Basic UDI-DI
    • UDI and GS1 Identify, Capture and Share
    • and more....

Who should attend?

Medical Device Manufacturers, Distributors and Healthcare Providers who wish to learn more about compliance with UDI Regulation.


  • Tim Daly, Industry Engagement Manager,GS1 Ireland
  • Amanda Creane, Healthcare Project Management Executive, GS1 Ireland

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Things you need to know about developing applications that use barcode scanning (but nobody told you!)

Irish Computer Society are running this webinar on the 23rd of October 2019 in conjunction with Health Informatics Society of Ireland and GS1 Ireland.

The aim of this briefing is to provide useful information that software developers need to be aware of - to avoid common pitfalls, to enable efficient processing of contained data, and to avoid system crashes caused by scanning previously unseen barcodes.

To Register please go to the Irish Computer Society website

Speaker: Denis O’Brien, Director of Standards and Solutions, GS1 Ireland
Date: 23rd October 2019
Venue: Online 
Schedule: 12 p.m to 1 p.m
Cost: Free
Register: Register Here


Event Overview: We often hear from manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, hospitals and other end users that their software can’t scan barcodes. This is often due to a poor understanding of how barcodes work, what useful data they contain and how best to 'unpack' that data.

GS1 standard barcodes are structured in a way to allow systems to read as much or as little data as required.

The aim of this briefing is to ensure that your systems are future proofed, scaleable and robust when presented with any of the wide array of standard barcodes (GS1/EAN-13, DataBar, ITF14, GS1/EAN-128, Data Matrix, QRCode, etc).

The briefing will also cover the different barcode types, some advice on barcode scanner configurations, use of the Function 1 character, parsing a barcode and common errors such as truncating fixed length fields, invalid check digit on GTIN, omitting function 1 character, invalid date formats and invalid weight formats.

 To Register please go to the Irish Computer Society website

“Building the foundations for a Digital Strategy”

Speaker: Please see list of contributors below 
Date: 11 March 2019
Time: 17.45 – 19.00
Location: Mercers Institute for Successful Ageing (MISA) Building**
1st Floor MISA Centre
St. James’s Hospital
Dublin 8


This evening briefing will give an overview of some of the programmes that are feeding into the digital strategy for St James’s Hospital. In order to achieve this strategy, the foundations need to be laid to enable the electronic capture of data at the point of care. Unique identification and barcoding standards (GS1) enable this.

The recent go live of the Electronic Patient Record for inpatient care is transforming the way patients are admitted, treated and discharged in St James’s Hospital. St. James’s Hospital has a proven record in the implementation of national programmes that use track and trace technology to support patient safety in areas such as haemophilia treatment and in sterilisation services for surgical instruments and endoscopes. These solutions have proven that the use of global GS1 standards significantly enhances patient safety, traceability and certainty of product identification for effective and efficient product recall across the healthcare supply chain.

More recently, St. James’s has used modern barcode technology to automate the procurement of medical supplies, tracking of laboratory samples from theatre to laboratory using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and tracking of products used in theatre to achieve patient level costing.  

Please see timetable below to access presentations from the event and post event articles published in the Healthcare Managers Journal.

Timetable for the event:

Time Details Slides Article
17.45 Registration
18.00 Welcome and opening address
Lorcan Birthistle, Vice President, HMI and CEO, St. James’s Hospital
Digital strategies have transformed patient care in St. James’s Hospital
18.10 “Overview (project Oak and key hospital initiatives enabled by standards)” 
Grainne Courtney
Presentation slides
18.20 “Scan for surgery and patient level costing”
Mary O’Brien, Assistant Director of Nursing & John Cotter (TBC), Director of Finance
Presentation slides Scan for surgery cost efficiencies
Scan for surgery improves patient safety
18.30 “Surgical Instrument track and trace from HSSU to the patient in theatre”
Andrew Smith, HSSU (Sterile Services) Manager
Presentation slides Providing traceability for surgical procedures
18.40 “Safe treatment of Haemophilia patients using GS1 standards”
Feargal McGroarty, National Haemophilia System Project Manager
Presentation slides Safe treatment for haemophilia patients revolutionised
18.50 “Improving patient safety by automatic tracking of precious samples from theatre to laboratory”
Dr Una Geary, Director for Quality and Safety Improvement
Presentation slides RFID-Enabled Technology for the Transport of Precious Laboratory Samples
Q&A and close of meeting
Lorcan Birthistle, Vice President, HMI and CEO, St. James’s Hospital

The HSE hosted the GS1 Ireland Healthcare User Group (HUG) Supplier Briefing on Friday 4th May 2018 in the Boardroom of HSE, Dr Steevens. The event was attended by almost 100 delegates representing medical device suppliers and manufacturers as well as healthcare providers. The event focussed on the life of a medical device product as it travels from manufacturer to the patient.  The full event summary and presentations are available here.

webinar gs1 and rfid discoveryWe are delighted to share this new 3 part webinar series in association with our Solution Partners RFiD Discovery.

In this series we brought together experts from both GS1 and RFiD Discovery to share practical insights and to demonstrate how RFID technology can be combined with GS1 standards to deliver significant cost savings and efficiency gains.

Watch the webinar recordings on demand now to get invaluable first-hand advice and detailed case studies to ensure your own implementation of GS1 asset labels delivers maximum benefits.

Each webinar is an independent session and you may choose to watch one, two or all three webinars as relevant to your area of expertise. These webinars were recording during April & May 2018 and are now available to watch on demand. will be recorded. 

In this series we will looked at:

  • How RFID technology works
  • Areas and processes within the hospital best suited to the deployment of RFID. We'll introduce some case studies during this session.
  • Hints, tips and recommendations for the deployment of RFID

Recorded: Tuesday 17th April 10.30 - 11.00

1. Introduction to GS1 labelling with RFID

View webinar details, download slides and case studies

Recorded: Thursday  3rd May 10.30 - 11.00


2. Benefits of RFID & GS1 labelling for Asset Management

View webinar details, download slides and case studies

Recorded: Tuesday 22nd May 10.30 - 11.00

3. GS1 labelling & RFID tracking – implementation and challenges

View webinar details, download slides and case studies

This webinar series was co-hosted by GS1 Ireland and our Solution Partner RFiD Discovery.

webinar gs1 and rfid discovery

Join this on-demand webinar to learn about the use of RFID in Healthcare to support patient safety, efficiency and cost savings. During this 30 minute presentation we explore the key areas currently benefiting from RFID including the tracking and management of assets, equipment, devices, medicines, supplies, precious samples and patients. 

webinar gs1 and visionidThis webinar was co-hosted by VisionID and GS1 Ireland in April 2018.

Click here to view: Listen now
Slides Download PDF
Further information: Please contact Siobhain Duggan if you have any questions about the use of GS1 standards within healthcare applications.

The Healthcare Provider Advisory Council (HPAC) Webinar Series.

Find out how GS1 can enable patient safety and improve efficiency in the hospital setting by hearing directly from healthcare providers through case study presentations. These complimentary webinars take place the second Thursday of each month and are open to any stakeholder interested in learning about GS1 standards implementation in the care giving environment.

Next date: 

Thursday 26th September 2019

UK/IE GMT: 12:00pm -1:00pm 

(Usually second Thursday of each month.)

Topic & Speaker

Speaker: Mr Shingo Kasamatsu, Technical Officer of Faculty of Medical Science, University of Fukui, Japan

Title: An integrated sterilization management system for traceability and patient safety, using GS1 standards at Fukui Hospital

Learning objectives:

During this webinar mr Shingo Kasamatsu, Technical Officer of Faculty of Medical Science, University of Fukui, Japan will share details on using global identifiers in the hospital. He will explain:

1. How the error rate with surgical instruments reduced;

2. Why Fukui hospital choose to use GS1 standards;

3. How the hospital successfully achieved the traceability of surgical instruments in its surgical centre’s sterilisation process;

4. Other benefits gained from this implementation;

5. Challenges met during the implementation process.

Invited attendees

The webinar audience is all stakeholders who wish to learn about using global identifiers in a hospital's sterilisation department and possible next steps.

Reserve your place 

Access 2019 recordings and presentations

Access 2018 presentations and listen to recordings.

Preparing for GS1 standards implementation and compliance

GS1 Webinar: An introduction to GS1 standards compliance and implementation in the healthcare sector. Register to reserve your place today.

*There are no live webinars currently scheduled however you are invited to register to listen to a previously recorded session.

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Following on from the successful healthcare breakfast briefing we have had many requests for further information on next steps and how to get started.  The ‘Getting Started’ webinar series takes suppliers through what they should be thinking about in order to prepare for compliance with GS1 standards.

Event Webinar: Get Started with GS1 in Healthcare
Date On demand.
Location Online - via the GoToWebinar platform
Moderator Siobhain Duggan, Director of Innovation & Healthcare, GS1 Ireland
Registration Click here to register for instant access.

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