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Healthcare Flashtalks


What is a GTIN?

The first of these 15 minute updates will cover the following topics;

  • What is a GTIN?
  • What are the barcodes used in healthcare?
  • Why use a GTIN

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Which GTIN is this?

The second of these 15 minute updates will cover the following topics;

  • The packaging hierarchy
  • Examples of how the hierarchy may be represented using GTINs
  • Common mistakes / Common Issues in the supply chain
  • Benefits of identification of packaging hierarchies

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How do I find my GTINs?

The third of these 15 minute updates focuses on;

  • Basic steps to getting started
  • Product data
  • The barcode on the product
  • Working with manufacturers

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What is in a barcode?

In the fourth installment of our Flashtalk series, find out what happens when you scan a barcode and what the data means.

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Webinar Get started with traceability in a hospital/healthcare setting

This webinar will provide an overview of the steps to getting started and guidance on what you can be doing now to implement traceability in the healthcare setting to make services safer for patients.

Webinar: A hospital wide approach to adopting GS1 standards

St. James’s Hospital has established the Scan for Surgery programme as well as introducing the automatic tracking of precious tissue samples.

UNSPSC Webinar Briefing Session

UNSPSC. What is it, and how do I use it?

Healthcare Flashtalks

A series of short online webinars where we will demystify the GTIN and barcodes and their use in healthcare