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About the GS1 Solution Provider Programme

What is the GS1 Solution Provider Programme?

Due to increasing trading and regulatory requirements, GS1 Member companies are seeking standards-based solutions to meet those challenges and drive efficiences in their business. Additionally, the retail landscape is dynamically changing to cater for the demands of 'omni-channel' customers, placing new and considerable demand on supply chains, processes and technology. The objective of the GS1 Ireland Solution Provider Programme is to build collaborative relationships based on mutual advantage and partnership. Through cooperation, the sharing of skills and information, and active participation in GS1 Ireland's network, Partners benefit in terms of increased understanding and knowledge of the GS1 system, promotion of their offering and solutions and participation in business generating activities.

Solution Provider Programme Brochure

What are the benefits of the Solution Provider Programme?

The Solution Provider Programme creates added value for you and your customers. Implementation of GS1 standards-based solutions requires expertise. Through the programme companies develop the competence needed to be a trusted advisor for their customers. By becoming a part of GS1 Ireland's Solution Provider Programme, you will have the opportunity to work closely with GS1, and gain the education and certification you need to develop and sustain your company's GS1 expertise. You will have access to professional and meaningful marketing collateral, the GS1 Knowledge Centre, and more. Solution Providers can become Partners, or Gold Partners to avail of even more benefits.

Solution Provider Programme Partner Benefits

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GS1 Community Network

In a knowledge-based economy, value creation increasingly occurs in a network of collaborative organisations and processes. Collaboration with a network of external stakeholders is essential for innovation; cooperation with competitors, customers, suppliers and others in the industry with complimentary expertise. GS1 Ireland's network consists of over 3000 members in many Irish industries, our solution partner network has more than 30 members and there are over 112 GS1 offices around the world.

Solution Provider Programme Community Network

GS1 Knowledge Centre

The GS1 Ireland Knowledge Centre is our centre of excellence for effective trading and logistics, and consists of a showroom, training and meeting facilities. Through our network of partners we bring together leading organisations within their fields. This means that the GS1 Knowledge Centre is the leading meeting place for innovative and forward looking solution providers. To find out how your business could feature in the GS1 Knowledge Centre, contact our Industry Engagement Team.

Download: GS1 Knowledge Centre Reservations
Solution Provider Programme Brochure Appendix 4

Getting Started with GS1 Ireland

To get started, contact our Industry Engagement Team. We can talk through any questions you might have, and how the GS1 Solution Provider Programme can work for your business.

If you are ready to join you can complete an initial application form here.