Vaccines Track and Trace Pilot Supports Case for National Roll Out

UDG Healthcare 'Track and Trace' Immunisation Pilot Report Supports Case for National Roll Out of Vaccine Tracking, Feb 2014.

UDG Healthcare Logo for Vaccine Tracking Pilot ReportUDG Healthcare has released the results of a pilot programme which shows the benefits that the introduction of ‘Track and Trace’ technology could have on Ireland’s immunisation programmes.  The outcomes of the study highlight where significant improvement could be made to the current system, particularly with regard to patient safety and effective programme delivery. The pilot was conducted in partnership with the HSE National Immunisation Office.

Pilot Highlights:

  • 1,800 individually serialised vaccines administered during course of study
  • System facilitates traceability of individual vaccine vials from manufacturer to administration
  • Barcoding supports more accurate vaccine recall and reduced distress typically associated with large scale recalls
  • Greater patient safety and improved quality control, fostering public trust in vaccination system
  • Healthcare professionals agree Track and Trace system is faster, more efficient, innovative, easy to use and convenient
  • System entails less paperwork, greater accuracy  and reduces issues relating to stock control.

The pilot study, conducted by UDG Healthcare’s wholly-owned subsidiary TCP and United Drug’s Cold Chain Distribution team, in partnership with the HSE National Immunisation Office, sought to test the impact ‘Track and Trace’ technology could have on the safety and efficiency of Ireland’s national vaccination programmes. A total of 1,800 individually barcoded influenza vaccinations were administered in Ireland as part of the study, conducted from September-December 2012.

Commenting on the potential impact of Track and Trace on vaccination programmes in Ireland,  Cliona Kiersey, Chief Pharmacist at the HSE National Immunisation Office said, “The national roll out of Track and Trace across our immunisation programmes would offer wide-ranging improvements to the current system and would help our healthcare professionals administer vaccination programmes more efficiently and more safely. 

“What is significant here is that Track and Trace enables us to monitor vaccines at vial rather than just at batch level, from the point of manufacture right the way through to administration.  This could have a significant impact on improving the surety of the vaccination supply chain” said Liam FitzGerald, CEO, UDG Healthcare.

Read the full press release or visit the UDG Website.


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The initiative provides traceability of items used during surgery and procedures, improving the standard of care provided to patients and the Hospital's efficiency.

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