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Be ready for UDI in the EU

Unique Device Identification for Medical Devices in Europe. (June 2019)

GS1 GMN Executive Summary

The Global Model Number is a GS1 key used to identify a product model or product family.

GS1 Digital Link in Healthcare

GS1 Digital Link A single barcode for identification, authentication and access to information for medical products (June 2019)

GS1 Healthcare Acronyms and their Meaning

Some GS1 Acronyms commonly used in healthcare explained.

Global Product Classification GPC Browser Guide for Healthcare

GPC classifies products by grouping them into categories based on their essential properties and their relationships to other products.

Preparing for UDI Implementation

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Commission and other regulators have made patient safety a strategic priority by developing legislation for Unique Device Identification (UDI). This short GS1 guide on Unique Device Identification for Medical Devices explains what UDI is and how it relates to existing GS1 standards for item identification.

Overview of UDI Requirements Leaflet

The GS1 System of Standards supports all stakeholders to efficiently and effectively meet UDI requirements by enabling interoperability within an organisation, between organisations and across borders. A single standard can ultimately accelerate implementation and increase compliance to the UDI regulations. This leaflet outlines UDI requirements in GS1 terms including product identification, barcode symbols and electronic data sharing.

GS1 Standards in Healthcare for Patient Safety

A brief introduction to GS1 Standards in Healthcare. Learn how GS1 Standards enable organisations to Identify, Capture and Share data to enable patient safety, efficiency and traceability.

GS1 DataMatrix in Healthcare

Global standards for automatic identification provide an opportunity to make the healthcare supply chain safer as well as more efficient and accurate. Healthcare regulators and trading partners have realised that a global standardised identification system from manufacturer to patient treatment is imperative to comply with the increasing need for product traceability around the world.

Medical Device UDI Data Sharing with GS1 GDSN

A short introductory guide to Medical Device UDI Data Sharing with GS1 Data Synchronisation Standards and the GDSN



Giving time back to patient care

The initiative provides traceability of items used during surgery and procedures, improving the standard of care provided to patients and the Hospital's efficiency.

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