GS1 Healthcare Acronyms and their Meaning

Some of the most commonly found acronyms used in healthcare and what they mean.

AIApplication Identifier
AIDCAutomatic Identification and Data Capture
CBVCore Business Vocabulary
CISClinical Information System
CoCChain of Custody
CoOChain of Ownership
CR/WRChange Request / Work Request
EDIElectronic Data Interchange
EHRElectronic Health Record
eMARElectronic Medicine Administration Record
EPCElectronic Product Code
EPCISElectronic Product Code Information System
ePedigreeElectronic Pedigree (Pharmaceuticals)
FDAFood and Drug Administration (U.S.)
GDSNGlobal Data Synchronisation Network
GDTIGlobal Document Type Identifier
Gen SpecsGS1 General Specifications
GHTFGlobal Harmonisation Task Force (now IMDRF)
GIAIGlobal Individual Asset Identifier
GLNGlobal Location Number
GMDNGlobal Medical Device Nomenclature
GPOGlobal Purchasing Organisation
GRAIGlobal Returnable Asset Identifier
GS1 GOGS1 Global Office
GS1 MOGS1 Member Organisation
GSMPGlobal Standards Management Process
GSRNGlobal Service Relationship Number
GTINGlobal Trade Item Number
GTSHGlobal Traceability Standard for Healthcare
GUDIDGlobal Unique Device Identifier Database
HITHealthcare Information Technology
HL7Health Level 7
HLTGS1 Healthcare Leadership Team
HPACGS1 Healthcare Provider Advisory Council
ICCBBAInternational Council for Commonality in Blood Banking Automation
IHTSDOInternational Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (Snomed)
IMDRFInternational Medical Device Regulators Forum
ISOInternational Standards Organisation
JICJoint Initiative Council
MSWGMission Specific Work Group
NCePNetwork Centric ePedigree
NHRNNational Healthcare Reimbursement Number
NTINNational Trade Item Number
ONSObject Name Service
PIAProduct Identifier Authentication
RFIDRadio Frequency Identification
SCCSSecurity, Choreography and Checking Service
SPSolution Provider
SRINService Relation Instance Number
SSCCSerial Shipping Container Code
TDSTag Data Standard
UDIUnique Device Identification
UDIDUnique Device Identification Database
XMLeXtensible Markup Language