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Global Product Classification-GPC

What is Global Product Classification or GPC?

Global Product Classification is a system for describing, classifying and coding products. GPC groups products based on their essential properties in addition to their relationship with other products. 

How Global Product Classification works

The GS1 Global Product Classification (GPC) standard helps global trading partners to group products in the same way, everywhere in the world. The resulting common business language is clear and instantly understandable.

The building block of GPC is a product code known as a brick. There are bricks for everything from a car to a bottle of milk. The highest level of the classification is a segment, which is defined as a particular industry. For example, a bottle of milk belongs to the food, beverages and tobacco segment.

GPC Browser

The GPC browser is an online tool that helps you identify the right brick code for your product by drilling down through the levels - Segment, Family, Class, Brick and Attribute). In order to start using the online browser please select your language e.g. English and the latest publication (version).

Open the GPC browserDownload GPC Browser Guide (CPG) PDF