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Physical Event Data Sharing

Physical Event Data is the information generated by an item as it moves through the supply chain. It includes the what, where, when and status of an object each time the item's RFID tag is read. Physical Event Data Sharing is facilitated by the Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS).

Enabling Visibility

Companies that handle physical goods, such as providers, can benefit from Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) by cost-effectively sharing information with finer granularity of detail for better visibility and efficiency. EPCIS provides capabilities to improve efficiency, security and visibility in the global supply chain.

GS1 Share Physical Event Data & EPCIS

Physical event data creates visibility across the supply chain for all trading partners with whom the data is shared. To share product information, companies previously had to manually record all movements throughout the supply chain. With the dawn of computers and ever advancing technology, massive amounts of information is now shared automatically. Over the past forty years, we have moved from computer-to-computer data exchange to EDI to global data synchronisation. Now in this new era of "big data" and cloud computing, data sharing is evolving to meet the demands of omni-channel commerce and data hungry consumers.

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