GS1 Readiness for eProcurement

Have you been asked about your organisation's readiness to be compliant with GS1 Standards?

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Healthcare is an industry sector where patient safety is paramount but where other drivers; such as managing the costs of healthcare provision and the ability to authenticate pharmaceuticals and medical devices, track and trace products from manufacture to the patient, and supply chain improvement - come a close second.

GS1 Ireland is working together with healthcare leaders and key sector agencies such as HSE, Department of Health, HIQA and others to adopt and use standards that will help organisations share data, promote accuracy, and work more efficiently – to improve patient safety and lower healthcare costs.

In 2013 GS1 standards were endorsed by the HSE in a Memorandum of Understanding in recognition of the ongoing work of GS1 with many HSE organisations and to support the impending regulatory requirements for traceability.  A key example of an existing implementation is the HSE Surgical Instrument and Endoscope track and trace programme.  The solution has already been rolled out to over 20 HSE hospitals and several private hospitals.  GS1 Identification standards are used to track the Instrument trays and Endoscopes for end to end traceability.

Efficiency in procurement and waste reduction are key areas for focus in a cash limited health service.  The use of GS1 standards for identification and for accurate data transfer will enable delivery of safer services with reduced waste and reduced costs.  The right treatment to the right patient at the right time.

St James’s Hospital has recently completed a successful eCommerce ‘Proof of Concept’ project using GS1 global standards.  This project was completed in conjunction with a number of national and international suppliers and automated the end to end ordering process based on GS1 global standards.  The next step for this project is GoLive and an invitation to engage with SJH is currently being circulated to the Supplier market.

What does compliance to GS1 mean?