The Global Language of Business

What is GS1 XML

XML is an acronym for "eXtensible Markup Language". XML is designed for information exchange over the internet. Within GS1 Sstandards, XML is used for Electronic Data Interchange. GS1 XML is designed in such a way that the messaging is transport agnostic. GS1 supports reliable and secure messaging via the use of AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4 and ebMS, as well as other transport protocols. It is very simple to exchange GS1 XML documents using any technical solution or profile, such as Web Services. 

How does XML work?

The standards are published as XML schemas, defining the content and structure of messages. The actual message is exchanged between business partners in the form of XML instance documents. The schemas are used as a base to create the instance messages and to validate them. Each of the business partners holds a copy of the standard XML schema defining the given message. When the message is generated by the sender’s system, it should be validated against this schema. Any potential errors should be corrected before sending. At the receiver's side the validation takes place in the receiving point of the exchange software, before any data is transmitted to the users' business application.

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