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TrueCommerce is a GS1 Ireland Gold Partner 2024.

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As a GS1 Ireland Gold Partner and long-standing member of the Solution Provider Programme, TrueCommerce has been providing EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions for the Irish market for many years, previously under the name Atlas Products International.

Since being acquired and rebranded, TrueCommerce has built on its EDI heritage and is now a global provider of trading partner connectivity and integration solutions, with a global commerce network that is trusted by leading organisations from around the world.

Unify all your channels to market with TrueCommerce

TrueCommerce is the most complete way to connect your business across the supply chain, integrating marketplaces and storefronts with your business systems and supply chain solutions, along with connected applications like multi-carrier shipping, business analytics and a suite of tools that manage key components such as orders, inventory, drop-ship vendors and product information.

Unified Commerce 

A one-stop-shop for your processing and fulfilment needs 
One connection between TrueCommerce and your business systems can open an infinite number of trading possibilities. Whether it’s a storefront where consumers can buy goods, an online trading platform where business customers can place new or repeat orders, a marketplace that could expand your consumer catchment, or trading partners that would like to trade electronically. 


With a suite of services and applications, the TrueCommerce platform enables you to achieve true omnichannel trading with a single connection to your ERP system. It connects you to over 92,000 global trading partners, digitises your data, automates your transactions and provides insightful analytics you can use to make smart business decisions. 

EDI Managed Service

TrueCommerce gives organisations the competitive edge with a flexible and cost effective EDI solution that harnesses the scale of our global commerce network and is underpinned by our best of breed, EDI managed service, delivered by our locally based service consultants.

With TrueCommerce, organisations of any size or stage of development can easily connect with any trading partner while enjoying the peace of mind of a proven platform that reliably handles tens of millions of transactions annually.

Whether you are a small company that has been asked to trade electronically by one or more of your customers, a mid-market organisation that is looking to move providers, or a larger organisation that wants to trade electronically with all your suppliers; the fully scalable TrueCommerce EDI service has been developed with you in mind.

New to EDI?

Beginners guide to EDI cover with logos

If you are new to EDI and want to learn more, download ‘A beginner's guide to EDI produced jointly by TrueCommerce and GS1 Ireland.

You are also invited to listen to TrueCommerce’s ‘What is EDI?’ on-demand training webinar which explores the benefits available from EDI. The webinar is ideal if you have recently been asked to trade via EDI by a new or existing customer and you are unsure what is expected of you, or alternatively if you want a refresher on EDI.

EDI with your customers

The TrueCommerce EDI solution enables suppliers to send and receive electronic documents and meet your customers’ EDI requirements quickly, easily and cost effectively, whether you choose EDI integration with your ERP system to fully automate message exchange, or simply use the TrueCommerce entry level web EDI solution for quick and easy EDI compliance.

TrueCommerce is trusted by many brands including Hovis, Strong Roots, G&J Greenall, JML and Yeo Valley. 

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EDI with your suppliers

TrueCommerce’s supplier enablement solution enables you to increase efficiency, eliminate administration and reduce costs by trading electronically with all your suppliers.

TrueCommerce makes it easy for suppliers to trade electronically, regardless of their technical capabilities, empowering businesses to make clear and accurate decisions through complete supply chain visibility.

TrueCommerce is the chosen EDI solution for many leading retailers and builders merchants including BWG Foods, Sainsbury’s, Musgraves and Graham Group. 

B2B eCommerce Platform 

eCommerce is not just for B2C sales - meet the needs of today’s B2B buyers with a leading B2B eCommerce platform.  

Increase sales, improve customer service and maximise efficiency with an enterprise level platform designed to meet the needs of manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. With the look and feel of a B2C storefront but with the advanced functionality required for B2B sales, accelerate your digital strategy with TrueCommerce. 

The TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce solution is trusted by many leading manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers including Marstons, Chubb, Greene King, Bunzl and Matthew Clark. 

Marketplace Integration 

Integrate your back office systems with over 100 of the world’s top marketplaces and automate critical processes with TrueCommerce Marketplace Integration. 

Accelerate growth and maximise the benefits of your marketplace strategy with a centralised solution to manage all your marketplaces. The TrueCommerce platform increases the speed of order processing and fulfilment through the automated exchange of key order, fulfilment, customer and inventory data between all your marketplaces and your back office system. 

Product Information Management 

Simplify the management and syndication of product data across all your routes to market ensuring you don’t lose sales due to poor product data. 

The TrueCommerce PIM solution instantly syncs syndicated product content with your partner, channel, marketplace and storefront systems, ensuring you provide a consistent and complete view for buyers across all your channels - importantly with much less effort required. 

Drop Shipping

Dropship with your suppliers

TrueCommerce provides retailers with the tools and visibility required to roll out a drop shipping model whilst fulfilling their customers’ expectations with an ordering and delivery process that matches the efficiency of deliveries from their own warehouse.

The solution enables retailers to exchange orders, invoices, and fulfilment information with suppliers. Most importantly, they benefit from complete visibility by utilising a single platform for their entire supply chain – encompassing drop ship, deliver to store and deliver to depot. 

Dropship with your retail and marketplace channels 

The growing popularity of dropship programs provide a considerable opportunity for brands, wholesalers and distributors to grow their business faster across hundreds of channels. With TrueCommerce aggregate dropship and other order data in your business system to enhance operational efficiency and drive faster fulfilment—no more dealing with multiple, single-channel solutions or worrying about custom integrations. 

Pack and Ship

Turn orders into cost effective shipments at the click of a button.

With TrueCommerce Pack & Ship you can pack more accurately, look for the lowest shipping rates and quickly print shipping labels from over 60 carriers with a shipping solution that’s directly linked to your ERP. The TrueCommerce web-based solution enables sellers to easily accelerate outbound fulfilment, improve productivity and simplify compliance with your customer’s requirements

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

At TrueCommerce, we connect and integrate our customers with their supply chain partners to accelerate sales using proven inventory management methods such as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Collaborative Replenishment (CR).

Maximise sales by increasing shelf availability by 17% with TrueCommerce's Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solution by ensuring the right products are in the right place, at the right time. In addition, reduce costs by monitoring distributor/retailer stock levels and sales, ensuring overstocking never occurs.

As an outsourced cloud solution, TrueCommerce enables suppliers and their distribution partners to establish an effective VMI process quickly and easily, with no additional IT equipment or staff required.