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Pharmaceutical Serialisation & Traceability Industry Report

Global Traceability and Serialisation in Pharma

Counterfeit pharmaceuticals pose a significant threat to the viability of the pharmaceutical industry and patient safety. As supply chains become more complex and multidimensional the challenge of tracking a products through the supply chain increases. Pharmaceuticals consistently rank within the top ten categories for counterfeit goods and the risk to products can vary from country to country. In response pharmaceutical manufacturers are investing more in product security initiatives, such as serialisation which involves coding products uniquely at the item level.

With so many solutions being presented, selecting the right technology or strategy can be its own challenge. There is a great demand for standardised approaches to Pharma Serialisation & Traceability report cover 250pxcounterfeiting and solutions that can be rolled out globally, but this requires unity from pharmaceutical companies, vendors and trade associations.

"What is in common for everybody is once you lose direct control of your product it is very hard to, know where it goes to, how it is handled, how it is controlled," said Johannes Schoen, Senior Manager for Anti-Counterfeiting at Boehringer Ingelheim. Remaining compliant with the latest pharmaceutical track and trace regulations remains a complex task, with varying regulations across the globe. It is expected that these will cover over 70% of global medicines by 2017. However, as there are no global standards, managing and implementing serialisation requires not only financial investment but also an understanding of local markets and regulations. Whilst there are a couple of well established markets, in terms of regulations such as Turkey and China many other markets are still in the process.

This report presents the results of the latest Pharmaceutical Serialisation & Traceability 2014 Survey and provides expert insight and analysis from key opinion leaders in the field.

To download the full document, click the link below.