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How GS1 Standards are used by healthcare providers

Risks to patient safety occur when there is a mismatch between a patient and the care they receive. Errors can occur at time of diagnosis, treatment or on-going care.There is an increasing need to improve traceability.

Hospitals can use GS1 Standards when implementing traceability solutions to ensure the reliability of data and to optimise processes. This in turn can reduce preventable errors, enhance Electronic Health Record management, support outcome-based medicine and comparative effectiveness, and provide transparency for better clinical and supply chain management.

Healthcare Supply Chain

The use of GS1 Standards in healthcare supports the 5 patients rights- right patient, right drug or device, right time, right dose, right route.

Read more in our Case Study section for Irish Healthcare, and read stories of implementation from across the world in the GS1 Healthcare Reference Books. 

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The initiative provides traceability of items used during surgery and procedures, improving the standard of care provided to patients and the Hospital's efficiency.