GS1 System

The GS1 System

The GS1 System of Standards is an integrated suite of standards that, when used together, enables companies to uniquely identify, capture and share information about products and other business entities and in so doing to achieve supply chain visibility. The GS1 System is a foundation for traceability and other visibility-driven processes and applications which in turn improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction and business performance.The GS1 System provides the foundation for enhancing open supply chains and enabling visibility, through the use of digital information.

The Benefits of GS1 System Implementation

GS1 was established by manufacturers and retailers to develop mutually beneficial standards and, for 40 years, has helped business communities in multiple industries to address supply chain challenges. GS1 is a neutral not-for-profit organisation, which facilitates collaboration amongst trading partners, organisations and technology providers, leveraging standards to ensure visibility, efficiency and safety along the entire supply chain.

The Principles of the GS1 System of Standards

The GS1 System is the most widely used supply chain standards system in the world, a combination of standards, guidelines, solutions and services which have been created in a collaborative manner between GS1 and end-users.

Value and Benefits of the GS1 System

Identification, data capture and data sharing enabled by the GS1 System.

GS1 Visibility Framework

The GS1 System Visibility Framework encompasses the three processes of unique item identification, automatic data capture and electronic data sharing.