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China Expiry Date Managment


GS1 China implemented an intelligent barcode system in 1,500 Bianlifeng convenience stores to better manage expiry dates in foods with a shelf life of less than 30 days. There were over 2,000 product lines included in the project. The data carrier used in the project was the QR code into which the GTIN, best before date, date of production, batch/lot number and serial numbers were encoded. The goal was to improve food safety, reduce the risk posed by counterfeit goods and to allow consumers to check product information on their smartphones via the Bianlifeng app. With the implementation of the project, customers are able to scan and pay by themselves and food products that are expired cannot be sold, thereby improving food safety. 


QR code on food product. Image from GS1 China.


  • Country: China
  • Type of product: Food within 30 days of expiry date
  • Data carrier: QR Code
  • Data encoded:
    • GTIN
    • Batch/Lot no.
    • Best before date