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What is Traceability?

According to Irish & EU Food Law, "Traceability" is the ability to trace and follow a food, feed, food-producing animal or substance intended to be, or expected to be, incorporated into a food or feed, through all stages of production, processing and distribution.

In simple terms what this means is that every Food Business Operator (FBO) must be able to identify from whom and to whom a product has been supplied and have systems and procedures in place that allow for this information to be made available to the FSAI.

One-up one-down traceability

The requirement is "one up, one down". This means that FBO's have a system in place enabling them to identify the immediate supplier(s) and immediate customer(s) of their products. There must be a link established showing which products supplied from which supplier and a customer link showing which products supplied to which customer.

Webinar: What is Food Traceability?

Watch back on demand and download a copy of the slides from our introductory webinar "What is Food Traceability?"

In this 40 minute session we look at:

- what leading international retailers are looking for in terms of traceability and product data
- how good traceability processes can deliver you real business benefits
- business reality: going above and beyond the basics of legal compliance to deliver for your customers
- what Irish shoppers think about food traceability and authenticity
- What sort of processes might you need to run a best-in-class traceability and recall system, able to handle an untimely event should one happen?

This webinar has been recorded so you can listen back on demand now.