Food Traceability

What is Traceability?

According to Irish & EU Food Law, traceability is the ability to trace a food, feed, food-producing animal or substance through all stages of production, processing and distribution.

Fish traceability and the e-Locate Framework

In late 2012 GS1 Ireland began working alongside BIM and the SFPA to coordinate an assessment of international best practices in the use of weighing, labelling and traceability technology and to define a roadmap for the adoption of best-in-class, robust solutions for the sector. GS1 worked with BIM & the SFPA to define an industry-wide, standardised fish traceability solution that would meet current European requirements for labelling and product information sharing and that would also be capable of meeting the future information demands of customers and consumers, at home and overseas.

GS1 standards and traceability

Implementing a traceability system within a supply chain requires all parties involved to share standardised information relating to products. The identification and communication standards that constitute the GS1 System, make them ideally suited for the purpose of traceability.

Beef traceability with GS1 standards

The case study outlines the successful pilot project conducted by Musgrave SuperValu-Centra and their main beef supplier Kepak, to track beef from the point of slaughter until it reached the retail outlet, utilising a GS1-standards based solution.