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About the Food Information Regulation FIR

In November 2011, the European Union (EU) published a new regulation regarding food information which will come into force in December 2014. The goal of regulation EU 1169/2011 or Food Information Regulation (FIR) as it is commonly known, is to ensure that consumers can make informed purchases by having access to information about the product such as nutritional value, ingredients and instructions for use.

The regulation also sets out new requirements for information that should be provided to the consumer for food that is sold online. The "Distance Selling" articles and amendments will have a particular impact on any food manufacturer or distributor that sells either via their own website or sells to a retailer who has an online store.

In 2013 GS1 FIR Seminar BrochureGS1 ran two seminars in Cork and Dublin to brief Members and food industry stakeholders on the significant changes being brought about by EU Regulation 1169/2011. Guest speakers at the seminars included the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) and Mason Hayes and Curran (MHC). At the seminar the requirements of the regulation were set out with special emphasis on the data management requirements Irish food businesses will encounter.



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