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fTRACE is a GS1 standards-encoded traceabilty platform enabling event based traceability recording and multi-party, rights allowed access. It is a platform where manufacturers and retailers can provide information to consumers on the origins, processing and quality of their products.

Consumers can scan the fTRACE code to reveal the origin and traceability history of a product - trusted data provided directly by the manufacturer


Scanning the fTRACE barcode using a mobile phone, or looking up the code on the fTRACE website, provides information to the consumer on where the product comes from, when and how it was processed, as well as useful tips and recipe suggestions.

Products with an fTRACE code can be traced back to the individual production batch using the fTRACE service. A batch is the amount of a product that was processed in the same place at the same time.

fTRACE today provides information on the origins and processing of fresh food and can be used to trace a range of meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetable products.

fTrace phone and meatHow Consumers use fTRACE

The key to accessing product information is the fTRACE code, which can be found on the packaging. Either scan this code with your smartphone or enter the code directly into the fTRACE website.

To scan, simply install the fTRACE app or another free barcode reader on your smartphone. 

Download the fTRACE app from the Google Play Store (Android) or from iTunes (Apple / iOS).

If your phone does not support Android or iOS you can use another barcode reader such as iNigma or Neoreader. Get more information on barcode readers.

fTRACE Information Pack

If you are a fresh foods supplier that would like more information about the fTRACE traceability platform please contact us today for an information pack which includes a service description brochure, pricing details and technical requirements.

fTRACE Solution Manager for Ireland

Please contact Tim Daly for further information on the benefits of using fTRACE in your business

T: +353 1 208 0687

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