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Getting Started with fTRACE

As a Supplier, how do I get started with fTRACE?

To get started with fTRACE you will need the following:

  • A signed contract
  • Your product and location master data file
  • Your company logo
  • Confirmation of retailers and retailer Global Location Numbers (GLNs)


Getting started with fTRACE


The six steps to getting started with fTRACE are:

fTRACE New Images 20191. Meet and Greet - Have a phone chat or face-to-face meeting with your fTRACE Solution Manager to discuss your legal, retail or business process requirements. Learn more about how Irish shoppers currently evaluate your category’s traceability performance.

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fTRACE Calendar2. System Overview - Set an agreed date and time for an initial overview of the fTRACE system. This can be done in person or via webinar, as preferred.

fTRACE New Images 2019 Magnifying Glass3. Data Quality Review and Test Account - We work with you to review your product data; its quality and completeness. We also discuss and agree your preferred way to upload your product and event data, in line with your in-house technical capabilities. To begin uploading product data, you will receive a test account.

fTRACE New Images 2019 Cogs4. Test Phase - With product data in place, we commence a test phase for an agreed period of time.

fTRACE New Images 2019 Globe5. Go-Live - Following contract signing, you transition to the live system from your test account.

fTRACE New Images 2019 Loop6. Reporting and Relationship Management - We continue to provide you with ongoing training and support to ensure you get the maximum benefit from using fTRACE. We look at report generation and aim to identify further opportunities for supply chain improvement and production efficiency within your business.

Options for implementing fTRACE

There are three ways to input your traceability data into the fTRACE system:

  • Manual data input via web portal
  • Semi-automatic XML upload
  • Automatic data delivery

Your preferred data upload method will be agreed during the data review and testing phase.

fTRACE New Images 2019

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