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Benefits of fTRACE for Consumers

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The traceability data generated along the supply chain can be used by suppliers and retailers to educate and inform consumers about the origins and quality of the products they are purchasing. Using a mobile phone app or by inputting the fTRACE code directly on a website, a consumer can look up a broad range of information e.g. where the product comes from, when and how it was processed, as well as useful tips and recipe suggestions.

fTRACE New Images 2019 BasketThe Consumer Value of Food Traceability

According to the 2022 Shopper Intelligence Ireland study, shoppers that deem product traceability as important are a key target group for retailers and brand owners. Typically they shop for an entire family, are open to deeper engagement in-store and are prepared to pay more and trade up for premium product options. Critically for Irish retailers, trust around traceability is seen as a ‘loyalty driver’ by Irish shoppers i.e. they will shop where they trust in traceability capabilities.

As expected, Irish shoppers say fresh and cooked/prepared meat and fish categories are the most important when it comes to trust in traceability…but some other interesting ones include Eggs, Milk, Baby, Fruit/Veg, Vegetarian Foods and Prepared Sandwiches.

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