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Benefits of fTRACE for Suppliers

Benefits of event-based traceability for suppliers 

There are a whole host of benefits that suppliers and producers can bring to their operations through the implementation of event-based traceability. These include;

1. Legal Compliance

  • Fulfil legal requirements regarding the recording of key traceability data
  • Meet industry-specific regulations for certain food products
  • Enable data security and rights-access management

2. Efficiency of product and data management

  • Enable the digitisation and standardisation of current non-standardised processes and data sets
  • Facilitate the sending/receiving of traceability data prior to goods dispatch/ goods inwards
  • Create a trusted digital record for food control checks

3. Support Quality Assurance & Brand Trust initiatives

  • Record and track the origin of ingredients and products
  • Enable the optimisation of customer and brand loyalty through the tracking and sharing of information about product origin and how it was processed

4. Risk Management

  • Deliver full supply chain visibility for recalls or when having quality issues
  • Identify and visualise product and supplier dependencies with supply chain visibility
  • View product origin information beyond tier 1 suppliers

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